Hollow Butt Plug

Hollow plugs have a great advantage over other types, and as their name indicates they are hollow or have a tunnel or channel that allows the anus to be around the plug but at the same time connects the inside of the body directly with the outside what makes you feel “open” since you literally are.


What are they used for?

They have several uses and although in general they are used as a normal plug, that is, as a preparation for sex or during sexual intercourse. This plug has the added interest of having a gap that allows both to see the inside of the body (coo if it were a specula) and to interact, and to introduce objects or liquids (Be careful with what you enter;))

They are also used as plugs to carry for a long period, since they are usually comfortable and there are also some models that are sold with “plug” the size of the tunnel that allows you to close it.

How are they used?

It is used like any other plug, that is, by applying a sufficient amount of lubricant and introducing it into the rectum. In the specific case of this plug it is especially important to apply an enenema before, if it can be one in better depth yet.
Like the rest of sex toys and plugs it is very important to sanitize them correctly and according to the material.

The use of Tunnel PLug in the BDSM and roleplay

The hollow plug can be a very interesting resource, by using them you can get a great feeling of submission, since while this is in its position, the person will lose control of the anal sphincter (This is why it is very important to perform an enema before its use), which can cause a feeling of helplessness, fragility and total submission to the user. Sensations that both masters and submissive seek and that this type of plug can help find.

Use of hollow plugs for long periods

This type of plug is very used by people for long periods, one of the reasons is that the hollow plug is perfectly adapted to the anatomy and are very comfortable. Another reason is that some models are marketed with a “plug” that allows you to open and close the plug on demand. In the case of using the plug during extended periods it is advisable to use a suitable lubricant to prevent it from sticking to the skin.