Tail Butt Plugs

One of the most interesting plugs are the Tail Butt Plugs that are like a normal plug with a tail on the back. In these types of buttplugs the plug is not as important as the tail, which receives all the attention, these plugs are usually made of silicone or metal and are not that much large (but not in all cases) since what is interesting is the excitement of having a tail and not so much the diameter of the plug.

Because they are small are easily introduced and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In addition this make them very suitable for people more interested in roleplay rather than anal play.

The different types of tail plug are usually classified by the tail that they have attached


What use are given to the Tail Butt Plugs?

Although with sex toys you can never speak of “more common use” it’s true that tail plugs are widely used in what is known as roleplay. Where a person plays a role, as you can imagine, many times these roles are animals or anthropomorphic animals, especially popular within the furry culture. It is also very common that people simply enjoy wearing them since some are especially sexy and elegant.

How Tail Plugs are used?

As any buttplug the use is quite simple, you just have to apply lubricant and insert it in to  the rectum !E voilà!

It is important to do it slowly and gently. If you want more information you have  here  the guide how to use a buttplug.

Do I have to take any special care with the tail plug?

You should not take any special care, except to keep the fur clean. It’s a simple premise, but in some cases the anal play can get a bit sloppy since a lot of lubricants are used. You also have to be careful with the type of lubricants and verify that the one you are going to use does not stain or damage the hair of the plug.

How to clean a tail plug

In general, all sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned with water and neutral Ph soap. With tail plug is not different. In  most cases the fur part cant be separated but in some cases the plug fur section can be separated, wich greatly facilitates the task, since it allows you to wash it without worrying about the fur. In the case that you cannot sepparate your plug from the fur we have two scenarios:

 Cleaning Real Fur Tail Plug:

In the event that you have to clean the fur in your tail plug and its made of real fur is important to use only warm water and neutral soap, do not use chemicals as you could damage the fur.

Just pad the tail with a damp cloth in the area you want to clean until its done.

It is advisable to not completely wet the fur, to avoid damage it. Although if the tail its too dirty it can be submerged, but then special attention should be paid to the drying process.

Once the hair is clean, it is essential to dry it completely before storing it. Since a wet fur will get easily damaged, its not recommended to dry it in a clothes dryer or with a hair dryer, if you have to do it because you live in a very humid place it should be done with cold or warm air, never hot.

The correct way to dry the fur is to hang it with the tip pointing towards the ground in a ventilated and dry place and shaking it from time to time to give the hair a natural look.

Cleaning Faux Fur Tail Plug:

The same tips apply as when washing a real fur tail plug, use only neutral soap and warm water, although in this case it is not a big problem to completely wet the tail. But  we should pay attention to dry well before storing it.

In addition, it is very important not try to dry the tail in a clothes dryer or with a hair dryer, or anything similar, since synthetic hair is especially sensitive to heat.

Should I buy a real or fake fur tail?

butt plug tail real fur

Even if is true that real fur tails has an excellent appearance, many people are very reluctant to buy and use real animal fur. That’s why there are tails made of faux fur that allow all those people who have ethical problems using a real skin enjoy the experience without feeling bad.

In addition, the new synthetic fur in the market are becoming softer and more realistic. They have the advantage of being easier to maintain, another of the advantages of faux furs is that they allow to create fantasy tails with shapes and colors totally to our liking. In addition, synthetic fur is cheaper.