And what is the purpose of a buttplug?

Buttplugs are used primarily for sexual purposes and are gently inserted into the rectum, which helps relax and dilate the anus, usually as a preparation for anal sex. There are also many people who use buttplugs because it gives them a feeling of comforting fullness. Others find it exciting to lead a normal public life while wearing one.

What should I know before acquiring one?

In general and taking into account that if you are reading this you aro not an expert, it’s important to buy a not such a big plug, with a wide flat base, which can prevent the plug from fully introducing in yourself. Another factor in account are the materials, all the sex toys should be safe for the body, and specifically the plugs, since they are usually used for much longer than other types of sex toys. The safest in terms of hours of use are glass butt plugs, since they are totally inert to the human body and are extremely resistant. Metals are also highly recommended because they are strong and safe, as are silicone ones that are much more comfortable.

What kind of buttplug should I buy?

It depends on your experience and interest, if you are noob in anal play a small one, maybe made of silicone could be really interesting, there are kits made for this propose composed by few plugs from the smallest to something more serious.

If you are somehow experienced

Soooo…. Should I buy one?

If you enjoy anal play, solo or with your partner I would say that yes, you should. Iven if you don’t know if you enjoy it you can ever try one of the smallest one to start enjoying this pleasure

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