fur fox tail butt plug

Are they beautiful, right? Who would not like to have one at home, they are also fun to use and can be made of several different materials.

One of the most beautiful plugs

The tail plugs of fox are perhaps the most popular type of plugs since they are very striking and some of the most beautiful plugs on the market, plus we all love foxes and their magnificent appearance, graceful, hairy and playful.

Generally the fox tail plugs are usually the typical color of a fox, red, grated, or brown, but we can also find white fox tails, the type fox arctic.

Are they made of real fur?

It depends on the plug in particular but there are both plugs made with real furand plugs made with fake synthetic fur.

It is true that real fur plugs have a magnificent appearance but in addition to the moral problems that some people may when buying one of these, they are also more difficult to maintain, since real fur is much more delicate, especially when cleaning them, something we should do frequently with buttplugs.

That is why the synthetic fur plugs are taking a greater popularity, besides being more economical and requiring less care they are also much more flexible when it comes to giving them fantasy aspects or a little less conventional and colorful look, it is also true that the synthetic fur becomes better every day and have an excellent touch.

How are they used?

As fox plugs are used like any other type of plug, the part of the plug that is usually made of silicone or metal is inserted in the rectum and the part of the fur is left outside. It is important to use a good amount of lubricant and not be aggressive when introducing or removing it, it is also important to be careful when using it to avoid staining the fur whit the lubricant.

What material is the plug made of?

There is a large number of materials that plugs are made of, although they are usually made with silicone, steel or aluminum.

The plugs made of silicone are easier to introduce and more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. But metal plugs are appreciated by many people because the rigidity o the material can produce a greater sensation of fullness and can be more exciting, a lof to people also find more beautiful the metal plugs.

Our fox tail buttplugs


Fox cubs playing 🙂

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